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Devi(Suzhou) Pharma Technology Co. Ltd. is a specialty & fine chemical manufacturing company providing APIs, unique building blocks, compounds,pharmaceutical intermediates , Natural extracts,Amino acids protective agent, food additives, water treatment chemicals,electronic chemicals and etc. The main products of our company are API series, pyrimidine series, isoazole series, indole series , boronic adcid series, pyridine series, pyrazole series , pyrazine series , benzene series , quinoline series ,quinoline series and etc.

Meanwhile,Custom synthesis,process research & development and contract manufacturing are undertaken for clients in complete confidentiality by our kilolab,pilot scale and production facilities.We are glad to offer you the highest quailty,competitive price and best service.Hanker is staffed with well-trained and experienced chemists from B.S. to PhD.

We can carry out such chemical reactions

Clemmensen reaction
Ullmann reaction
Wittig reaction
Mannich reaction
Diels-Alder reaction
Ammonolysis reaction
Friedel-Crafts reactionNitration
Birch reductionReduction
Claisen addition
Hofmann Degradation

Reformatsky reaction
Suzuki coupling
Grignard reaction
Prins rearrangement
Knoevenagel reaction
Michael addition

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